Contents of DIY ISO 9001 Kit 

1. The Guide: The Complete Guide to Getting ISO 9001:2015

DIY 9001 Kit - the Guide This is the heart of the DIY Kit: the 'how to do 9001' book that takes you through the process and demystifies it.  This Guide is like having me as your own dedicated quality consultant beside you all the way, explaining what to do and how, and guiding you through the various stages and tasks.  I've set out my simple, practical and effective approach in my DIY Guide, and at a fraction of what it would otherwise cost. I explain clearly how to 'do ISO 9001 certification' from start to finish. 

Crammed full of practical and clear advice.  No weird 'ISO speak' or quality babble - by now you'll know I have no time for it. Just plain easy to read and understand English.

You get the benefit of my years of ISO 9001 knowledge and experience and thousands of hours of quality audits, distilled down to only essential stuff.

Lots and lots of examples to illustrate and give you ideas of practical and common sense ways to meet requirements and 'do ISO' so that it helps your business run better. See sample pages

2. The Toolbox

The toolbox gives you the templates and 'tools' to get ISO 9001 with a simple, practical and effective quality system.DIY 9001 Toolbox

All templates are supplied in hard-copy (the Toolbox folder) as well as editable files on the DIY Kit CD.

3. Sample documentation 

The examples show and teach you how 'documenting your information' can be easy, practical and straightforward (rather than painfully incomprehensible, complicated or wordy). 

The Acme model is suitable for service-based and project-based companies. Holts will work well in any small business doing specialised technical services (motor repairs in their case).  For manufacturing or product-based, use the Browns' Manufacturing set.  Others can be added on request: for example, if your business involves distribution, ask for the Blueton Distributors Manual to be included in your Kit.

Yes, the 'documented information' requirements have changed but you still need some documentation of your system.  These examples will show you three models - choose the one you prefer, which should help your business operate better, and also provide confidence to prospective clients or customers.

4. Resources for ISO 9001 learning and training

Learn what the Standard is, what it actually says and means, and train others with these resources.

DIY 9001 Kit CD

5. DIY ISO 9001 CD 

6. Access to DIY Customers Website

7. Full 12 months of Support

8. Expert review of your Gap Analysis Results  

Get my feedback on the results of your Gap Analysis - included with your purchase of the DIY Kit.  This is an extremely high value service, worth at least $550 alone.  

Please note:  if demand is too high, I may need to suspend or withdraw the offer at any time.  Act now so you don't miss out. 

9. Extra: Bonus resources

With each DIY ISO 9001 kit, you will also receive this bonus. 

DIY ISO 9001 Kit

Get your DIY ISO 9001 Kit now and get started right away, with immediate access to the private website and files for download.  


DIY ISO 9001

DIY ISO 9001 Kit

How to get ISO 9001 without breaking the bank. The practical cost-effective solution to get ISO 9001 certification. Current for 2015 and better than ever.

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